May 10, 2011

About Books Blog 40: Cinderella: Ninja Warrior and Sleeping Beauty: Vampire Slayer


Author: Maureen McGowan
Genre: Young Adult/Fantasy/Adventure

Favorite Line

“Confidence was one thing, over confidence was another...” - Cinderella: Ninja Warrior


Cinderella: Ninja Warrior

In this fast-paced story full of adventure and romance, Cinderella is more than just a servant girl waiting for her prince—she's a tough, fearless girl who is capable of taking charge of a dangerous situation. Seeking to escape the clutches of her evil stepmother, Cinderella perfects her ninja skills and magic talents in secret, waiting for the day when she can break free and live happily ever after. In a special twist, readers have the opportunity to make key decisions for Cinderella and decide where she goes next—but no matter the choice; the result is a story unlike any fairy tale you've ever read!

Sleeping Beauty: Vampire Slayer

In this thrilling story full of adventure and romance, Sleeping Beauty is more than just a lonely princess waiting for her prince—she's a brave, tenacious girl who never backs down from a challenge. With vampire-slaying talents that she practices in secret, Sleeping Beauty puts her courage to the test in the dark of night, fighting evil as she searches for a way to break the spell that has cut her off from her family. In a special twist, readers have the opportunity to make key decisions for Sleeping Beauty and decide where she goes next—but no matter the choice; the result is a story unlike any fairy tale you've ever read!

Sleeping Beauty: Vampire Slayer is an entirely new type of fairy tale–one that will keep today's kids guessing and offer them hours of magical fun.

My Thoughts

Since I was reviewing both books for the blog tour today I decided mash both reviews into one big review. Both of these books were awesomely fun reads. I loved the crazy twists that were added to the traditional fairy tale idea. The author brought lovely since of humor to the writing that I enjoyed immensely. Maureen McGowan did a wonderful job of describing action sequences. They were not only exciting, but also easy to imagine. What made the even better was that occasionally the reader gets to choose destiny of the characters. There are up to eight different paths the story can take. You can read the book many times and get a new version of the story each time. I reminded me of when I would read those kinds of stories as a kid.

Cinderella: Ninja Warrior really made me grin. In the story, Cinderella not only has super ninja skills, but a wizard as well. I really found myself rooting for her. Not to mention I held high hopes that she would zap that stepmother in to the dirt. Ha ha.

I must admit before I started Sleeping Beauty: Vampire Slayer, I wasn’t sure how it was going to work out. The traditional story of Sleeping Beauty has the princess sleeping for a hundred years. I didn’t know how that would fit with the vampire slaying. Amazingly, the author made all the elements come together. I felt this book was a little more serious than Cinderella: Ninja Warrior. It seemed to have heavier themes, and more difficult choices for the reader. In a way that made Sleeping Beauty: Vampire Slayer my favorite of the two.

Once I started these, I was glued to them. They had wacky fun, romance, humor, and action. Everything that I love. Though these books are geared toward the younger age teens, they were a wonderful escape for me as an adult.

The Movie

As of yet their are no films. I do think these books lend themselves to being movies. Obviously, who ever adapted them would have to pick only one of the paths the characters can take, but otherwise I would jump for joy if these books were made into movies.

Music To Read By

I finished the books so quickly I didn’t get much music in. Well not enough to have a favorite album anyway. I just listened to whatever music caught my fancy, if I listened to any all. I wanted to make a playlist anyway. I did think of some songs after reading that I felt fit both books.

The Playlist

One Girl Revolution - Superchic(k)
Cinderella - Hooverphonic
Die Another Day - Madonna
Battle Without Honor or Humanity - Tomoyasu Hotei
Hong Kong Garden - Siouxsie and the Banshees
Explosive - Bond
Sleeping Beauty - Danny Elfman
Story Book Ending - Alan Menkin
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Theme - Nerf Herder

Well that's all folks. Hope see you soon. Keep it shiny!


Maureen McGowan said...

Thanks for the awesome and creative review!

Great blog. :)

Teddy Rose said...

I love your play list. It really seems to go well with the take charge young women in the stories.

Silver Dolphin Books said...

What a great review! Thank you so much! I really enjoyed the addition of the playlist.

Ninja Gear said...

Ninja vampire? Very cool concept and reviews
The work is very versatile, with so many concentrations intermingling
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