Dec 14, 2009

Randomness, Frustration , Yay!

I really just felt like writing a random note about my playlist player problem. I don't know if anyone noticed, but the players for all the book playlists went missing. The reason is that I used Imeem for my player. Myspace Music decided to take over Imeem. Thus, deleting the website. Sigh. I know, it was very frustrating.

Luckily my mom found a new site called Grooveshark for me. A site with a player that I think is even better than Imeem's was. Yay! Anyhow, I'm trying to replace all the playlists on this blog with this new player. It may take a bit. Unfortunately, this event has pushed back the release of my review for Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. I can't remember all the songs I put on the playlist for the book, so I have to start all over. That's okay I'm just happy that I have a player again. I hope nobody messes with this one. Haha.

Thanks for reading though my randomness. Kisses and hugs. Keep it shiny all!!!


Lauren {Geeb} said...

I really <3 that you put a play list with your book reviews. Sometimes when I read books a sound track plays in my mind so this makes reading and listening to music perfect! Good luck getting it all back together again. I know it is probably going to be a big task.


tawnabarmore said...
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