Jan 29, 2010

Book Talk

Well, I had to cancel dance classes tonight because of snow. It's weird sitting at home when I would normally be teaching or driving home from work. This little break has left me very relaxed. Thus, I thought I'd use my relaxed state to blog a bit.

I've been wanting to talk about my adventure into reading more than one book at the same time. I said once that I preferred to read one book at the time. As soon as I said that I wondered why that was. I decided to try reading a couple books at once and see what happened.

What inspired me to try it at this time was the fact that I'm reading The Stand. While the book is turning out to be awesome, the hard back extended version is rather cumbersome to carry around. It got rather heavy in my dance bag/purse. So when I bought the novel Scarlett I thought I use that as my travel book, and leave The Stand at home to read. After that I got the opportunity from Red Telephone Books, to read a review copy of a YA/Sci-Fi novel called The Prophesy. So I am currently reading 3 books. Technically, I'm reading 4 because I occasionally read a bit of New Moon now and then.

I've found that I like reading multiple books. You get to exposed to more than one genre at once. Which is awesome. Have you ever found that when you read several books in the same genre it becomes difficult to enter another? When your reading more than one book you don't get that problem.You can also change books, when you want to look at some different characters, or you hit a slow point in the story.

Well that's all folks. Wait no it's not. I was thinking I'd like some suggestions for book related blog posts I can do between reviews. I'd like to post more often, but I'm just short on ideas of what to do. Does any one have any ideas? Thanks. Oh yeah, one more thing. I might be able to get my Prom review out this weekend. Yes! Stay shiny all!

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Lauren {Geeb} said...

I have never read two books at one time but I always read one and listen to one. I listen on my commute to and from work and read when ever I get the chance. Right now though I have a book that needs to be read for my book club in 2 weeks and it is HUGE and another that needs to be back to the library in 2 weeks that is HUGE. So maybe I should give it a try and read both at one time. I think you my have inspired me! :)

P.S. For some reason you were off my blogroll :( I fixed the problem and you are now back in action.