Mar 7, 2010

Blog Talk

This is really just a little note to let my followers know that I'm alive, and do plan to update some day in the future. I realized that I have fallen off the book blogger planet for a month. So sorry. Please be bare with me. I'm reading an over 1000 page book, an 800 page book, and a 300 page book. Yes, I am mentally insane. Add that to putting together a dance show, and a bunch of general dance studio crazyness, and the reading didn't really happen as much as I would've liked. 

I did make a tentative list of order in which I will review the books I'm reading currently. I will go something like this: 

1. Scarlett
2. The Prophesy
3. The Stand

I'm also planning to start a new blog segment called Book List Saturday on March 20th. That way you will at least see me every Saturday after that. Thanks for putting up with my slow reading over the last month. Spring break is coming soon, so I'm sure I'll either get a lot of reading done over have a review out but then. Kisses to all. Keep it shiny!

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Lauren {Geeb} said...

I am so glad you are alive and well!! I've missed seeing in around the book blogisphere! Can't wait to read your new reviews!