Jul 28, 2010

Review Policy

Dear Publishers and Authors,

I would be perfectly honored to review your book if you choose to send them to me. Please acknowledge my guidelines listed below.

What I Will Read

I enjoy reading most genres of fiction. YA, Horror, Fantasy, General, Suspense, etc. I am open to reading some non-fiction as well, but I can not guarantee that that will be my first choice. If you want me to read something that is part of a series please make sure that I’ve read all the previous installments.

What I Won’t Read

There’s not much that I won’t read, but there I have a few things. I most certainly won’t read erotica.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

I intend to give my honest opinion on the books I receive. I can’t promise a stamp of perfection on everything. However, I try to see the best in everything I read.

When Will The Review Be Posted?

I can’t really give you an exact timeline of when the review will appear. Please factor in that I own my own business, and that my reviews consist of research and playlists. That can take a bit of time. All as I can say is I post reviews as soon as possible. If you need the review by a specific date, please let me know. I will do my best to accommodate your needs.

File Types I Except

If you wish to send your book through an email attachment I can accept most digital formats. It's probably best you tell me what type of file you plan on sending just in case. If you wish you may mail me a paper copy as well.

Things That Will Help Me With My Review

  • A photo of the book cover.
  • Short synopsis of the book.
  • Links to related web pages.
  • Any additional facts about the book, author, publisher, etc.

Thank you. To contact me please send an email to danceistruth@gmail.com.

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