Jul 26, 2010

Short Story of The Week #2: Night Surf

Story Title: Night Surf
From: Night Shift
Author: Stephen King


A group of teenagers survive a deadly virus called A6. Well, at least they think they’ve survived.

Favorite Line

I actually had to favorites.

“Nobody should think about winter in August”

“She wasn’t like a jukebox; you never had to put in a dime and she never came unplugged”

My Thoughts

This is the story on which Stephen King loosely based his epic novel The Stand. The Stand and Night Surf are not completely related, except for the deadly virus wiping out most of the people on the planet part. Night Surf is good in a poignantly sad way. The teens in the story seem a little malevolent. This made the story very disturbing, and gave me a little bit of a Lord of the Flies vibe. I felt rather sorry for the main character Bernie. Most of the story centers around his acceptance of the idea that they may all eventually die of this horrible illness, and his day dreams of better days. It’s a little depressing, but the story was still great.

For more information on Night Surf there is a link to Wikipedia below. The other links below are to sites containing info on the short film adaptation of Night Surf. I also posted the song Angie by The Rolling Stones because it was mentioned in the story. 

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