Aug 1, 2010

The Shipping News Movie Review

I finally got to watch the film adaption of The Shipping News by E. Annie Proulx on Friday. My family finally signed up for Netflix. Which is awesome, because I've been wanting to watch this film since I read the book in 2008. I couldn't find it anywhere, and they never put on any of the movie channels. Ironically two days after I did watch the movie they put on TV. Ha ha. I've have now watched The Shipping News one and a half times.

The film of The Shipping News was pretty darn good. It was extremely close to the book's storyline. It had all the things I liked about the novel, without some parts I found pointless. In fact, seeing the story as a visual made some of the events I didn't understand make since. I kind of want to read the book again, because I now have a new clarity on what is going on. The one minor change they made was that Quolye only has one daughter in the film. That was alright because Bunny was always the more interesting kid in the book. Thus, they didn't necessarily need the other daughter.

The characters were just as quirky and wonderful in the film. I'm not surprised. You can't go wrong with the awesome cast it had. The Shipping News might not have been my favorite book, but Quolye and Wavey were certainly two of favorite characters. Kevin Spacy and Julianne Moore completely did them justice. The other actors didn't disappoint me either. What made them super excellent is that they had to use a Newfoundland accent. Points of realism. I would definitely watch the movie again. Oh wait, I already have.


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