Aug 30, 2010

Short Story of The Week # 7: Glass

Story Title: Glass
From: The Rose and The Beast
Author: Francesca Lia Black


Young woman lives her life serving her sisters, until a fairy god-mother convinces her to take a chance and go out into the world.

Favorite Line

"Maybe she had not created him, maybe she was his creation and all she dreamed, his dream. Or Maybe they had made each other."

My Thoughts

Okay, I was totally going to do a Neil Gaiman story this week. However, your absent minded blog mistress has struck again, and The Rose and The Beast was the only short story book living in my bag when I got to work. Haha. Oh well.

Glass is a rendition of Cinderella. What I find interesting about it is that the Cinderella in this story is not forced to serve and clean for her sisters. She actually doesn't mind doing things for them, and uses their need for her as a means to hide from the world. I loved the way Ms. Black described the fairy that convinces Cinderella to go to the ball. I loved that she gave a little insight into why the prince loves Cinderella. Oh and great thing number three was that at the end the sisters weren't very wicked at all in the end. A little jealous for awhile there, but not wicked.

I actually have a song for this one. I don't always have songs for the short stories, but my favorite line made me think of this song.

See you later my lovelies. I know I am horribly behind on review posts. I might have to do a bit of a blog marathon to catch up tonight. Hopefully I'll at least get the movie review out. Wish me luck. Keep it shiny.

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