Sep 2, 2010

The Lovely Bones Movie Review

I know I've been promising this movie review for like two weeks. I apologize for some reason I got writers block on it. I guess that just happens some times.

I watched the film version of the novel The Lovely Bones not long ago. It was sometime last year when I read the book. I was so excited that it was being made into a movie. Sadly I got busy and couldn't go see it when it was released in the movie theater. I'm so happy that my family finally got Netflix. It's allowing me to catch up on so many movies.

I have to admit I wondered how they would do the film adaption for The Lovely Bones, since it is such an emotion based novel. However, when I heard Peter Jackson was directing it I had complete faith that the film would be well executed. I was not disappointed.

Of course, there were a few changes, but they helped facilitate making the novel into a visual format. I was actually really happy that they did show all the details of the murder scene. I was really worried about that since it was such an intense thing to read in the book. The visual imagery for Susie's post death world, or as they called it "the in between," were awesome. I love the ideas they came up with to show how Susie was still connected to the people on earth while she was deciding to whether to move on to heaven.

The actors were wonderful. Every one of them was perfectly cast. Saoirse Ronan was excellent as Susie. In fact she is just a great actress in general. I watched her in Atonement before I watched The Lovely Bones and she was great in that too. Of course, you just can't say anything wrong about Mark Walhberg, Rachel Wiesz, and Susan Sarandon. All in all, the film adaption of The Lovely Bones is just as lovely as the fabulous novel.


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Brad Jaeger said...

Peter Jackson has the midas touch :)

Have you seen any of his earlier films, pre-LoTR? Heavenly Creatures is such an astounding film, and the mockumentary Forgotten Silver was oustanding (not to mention it fooled a great deal of people).