Sep 22, 2010

Short Story of The Week # 10: Becoming

Story Title: Becoming
From: Half-Human
Author: Nancy Springer


Thirteen year-old Dusie wakes up one morning to find that her hair has turned to snakes.

Favorite Line

"And I am here to tell you, Medusa, there is more to becoming a woman than being pretty."

My Thoughts

First of all I apologize for being a little slow this week on the short story. I guess I'm a little loopy this week. What am I talking about I'm loopy every week. Haha. On to my thoughts.

Half-Human is a collection of young adult short stories by various authors concerning characters that are obviously half-human. I've actually been meaning to read a story from this book for awhile. However, I couldn't find the book. Guess where I found it. In the book case. I know I'm so smart right?

In this tale the main character, Dusie, wakes up to find that she is in fact half Gorgon. For those of you who don't know, in Greek mythology, a Gorgon is a female creature that usually has wings, talons, and most notably snakes for hair. I felt sorry for poor Dusie. I mean what a way to find out you're half-human. The story for the most part is about Dusie's mother help her except who she is. My Greek mythology was a little rusty, so I had to get my thinker on a little for this one. You don't need a knowledge of mythology to enjoy the story, but after it searched Gorgons on Wikipedia it did make the story have more depth. I can't read to read another story from this book.

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Bonnie said...

Maybe poor Dusie could pretend she had dreds instead of snakes! Yuck!

Loved your review of the ...Girlfriend of a Sex God book. I never read the Angus book but did see the movie and thought it was cute.

Keep it shiny, Bonnie and the gato