Sep 29, 2010

Short Story of The Week #11: 15 Painted Cards From A Vampire Tarot

Story Title: Fifteen Painted Cards From A Vampire Tarot
From: Fragile Things
Author: Neil Gaiman


Fifteen short vignettes focusing on vampires and/or immortality.

Favorite Line

"I miss daylight and food and knowing how it feels to touch someone and care."

My Thoughts

More Neil this week. I'm not obsessed I just like his writing and have to of his short story books. I just intrigued by this one when I saw the title in the table of contents. At the same time I sort of avoided it, because frankly anything to do with tarot cards gives me the wiggins. I finally gave in though because of the vampire element. It actually turned out that the only thing that had to do with tarot cards was the titles of the sections.

This story was really different. I guess it's because it wasn't a continuous story. Since they were vignettes there weren't characters with names or other traditional story elements. I think a couple of the sections were related, but not in an obvious way. It was a bit of an interesting experience but I did enjoy it. I think I want to read it over again later just to grasp the concept of it better. 

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