Sep 8, 2010

Short Story of The Week # 8: Last Breath

Story Title: Last Breath
From: 20th Century Ghost
Author: Joe Hill


A family enters a museum where a ex-doctor keeps his collection of peoples last dying breath.

Favorite Line

"You were expecting a museum of science. This is a museum of silence."

My Thoughts

Wow. This one was quite an experience. "Last Breath" was what I can only describe as wonderfully disturbing. It's really hard to describe. I guess it's the kind of story that gives you an creepy feeling, but it's the kind of creepy that is exciting to read. I loved how the events unfolded, and how the author expressed how the family in the story felt. Joe Hill has a crazy imagination. This is the second short story of his that I've read, and he keeps surprising me with creativeness.

That's all my loves. This weeks short story is a little late. I was going to post it last night, but sleep was calling to me. It was one of those lay down or fall down type of moments. Haha. Keep it shiny!


Marce said...

Joe Hill is creative with weirdness, I love it. I hadn't heard of his short stories. You should try his book Horns.

Bonnie said...

I've never heard of this author but find the premise an interesting one. Still, it kinda creeps me out!

Have a great weekend, Bonnie

Bonnie said...

Oh, just read your last post, I'm a little late but Happy Birthday! Hope it was a fun one. I'm a Virgo as well, I'll be celebrating on the 16th!

Laura Massey said...

Just dropping by to say hello! Please accept your award at my blog.