Oct 21, 2010

Thursday Night Thoughts

Hello all. I had a good idea for a new weekly segment and wanted to get it out there. Thursday Night Thoughts is a place where I will talk about things I’ve been doing or thinking about during the week. Since this is a book blog I will try to fit a least a few book related topics in. However, I figure blogs of all kinds are more fun when you know more about the blogger. On to the topics.

Topic 1: My New Cell Phone Rocks!


Recently my family all got Samsung Vibrants. This is an awesome android smart phone. I love it! Coming from me that means a lot because I used to be the one young person in the universe that hated phones, cell phone or otherwise. I hardly ever used them and didn’t understand how the darn things worked. I know I am so old school. It turns out all I need was a smart phone. I have tons of things to use it for now. I write all my tasks and ideas on the memo pad, put all my events on the calendar, and I can go on the internet. I’m also using it to take tons of pictures and I have an app that uploads them strait from my phone to Photobucket. Hence, the pictures below.

The best part is that I downloaded my book for review on to it. No more carrying around the printed version in my bag. Even better I can listen to music on my phone with my Grooveshark app while reading. I can get books on Kindle too, but I haven't tried that yet. Oh and yesterday I downloaded a free audio book app. Now I can listen to books on it. So shiny!!! I’m trying not to become obsessed, but I don’t think I’m doing very well.

Topic 2: Crochet Queen

I’ve been crocheting queen all this week. It’s something relaxing to do when I watch my DVR recorded TV shows. I’ve found that crocheting keeps me from doing my ADD nervous ticks. I finished a baby blanket this week. After that I got bored and had lots of left over yarn. My mom suggested that I make a baby hat. I finished that a needed something else to do. I decide to find a pattern for a slouchy hat to give my mom. Purple is her favorite color so that was the color I went for. Quite a few people commented on how much they liked it. My aunt asked my to make my little cousin one in pink. I’m halfway finished with it.

Baby Blanket


Baby Hat


My mom in her new hat. Isn't she adorable? This was taking with my retro camera on my phone. I really like the Polaroid camera.


Topic 3: Zazzle It

A long time ago I started a little zazzle store. I just thought I could make some fun t-shirt designs out of my random ideas and digital art. The wacky/cool thing is that lately people have actually been buying things from it. It not a crazy amount, but it’s still rather exciting. Someone bought the Breakfast at Tiffany's shirt today.

Topic 4: October 17th Show Pictures

I didn’t pick a lot of pictures from the show to  post. I couldn't take any of people dancing because I was in the show myself. I went for these four.

Everybody in the show. I still don't know why those two little ones have their hands on their ears. There was no music playing. Hmm... Oh well, everyone still looks cute.


Me and the two other dance teachers that work for me. We are such good friends.


Since this is a book blog here are a couple pictures of how our dance school promotes reading.

Dance studio book case. When we run out of room for books at home our old ones come here to live.


Two of my students doing some pre-show reading.


That's all folks I hope you enjoyed this. I wrote more that I thought I would. See you later. Keep it shiny!


Sarah Reads Too Much said...

Your Mom is so cute! And your students too!

Unknown said...

Yes, the students reading is a priceless picture :)

I do enjoy an evening of knitting and crocheting. Currently working on two shawls. :)

Do stop by some time.

Have a lovely day.

Mad Scientist