Dec 28, 2010

Short Story of The Week # 20: The Golden Bird

Story Title: The Golden Bird
From: Grimm's Fairy Tales
Authors: Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm


A King sends his three sons off to capture a valuable golden bird. The first two princes meet with failure and folly, but the youngest prince maybe succeed with the help of a wise fox.

My Thoughts

My darlings I'm really on a fairy tale kick lately. I happened to find a collection of Grimm's Fairy Tales and felt like giving one a go today. I picked The Golden Bird because I had never read it before, nor had I read any other version of it. I found it a great read. I very much follows the lines of how all the folk tales were created. Magical stories that a made to teach a lesson in life. In this story the lesson is basically that if you take heed of wise council you can save yourself a world of trouble. I think that is a truly wonderful lesson. Since these type of tales are often more about getting a point across there isn't much way of character names or development. There wasn't any of the flowery language that I usually like, but it was still entertaining. My only lement is that I totally forgot to pick a favorite line from this story, because I was so wrapped up in reading it. Opps.

Reading this made me want to do a little web search on folk take collectors themselves The Brothers Grimm. It's very interesting though theres so much on the Wiki page I'll have to go back and read it more in depth later.

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