Dec 23, 2010

Thursday Night Thoughts (7)

Hello all. I had a lot of thoughts but I narrowed it down to these three.

Topic 1: No Business Like Show Business

As you know I just finished with my dance school's holiday performance. The was a lot of drama and craziness leading up to this show, but it was worth it in the end. We got so many lovely comments. I would put pictures up. However, my pictures might not be that great. I realized mid-show that I hadn't taken any B vitamins before the performance, something I usually need for excellent cognitive function. I also realized post show that all I'd eating that day was a muffin and 3 pieces of bacon. I don't suggest ever doing this, and I usually never do. Add in performance adrenalin and you get shaky hands. Shaky hands and great pictures are not two things that mix. Since I'm not posting any pictures I thought I might post a video of me dancing with some of my beginning Modern students. I'm the girl in the purple shirt. Oh yes and my mom is in this one too.You might want to watch it with the full screen other wise we look like purple and yellow ants. Ha ha.  

Find more videos like this on EBDT Dance and Arts Center

Topic 2: Books and a Break

Well I'm having a lovely holiday vacation. I love to work, but it's nice to sit still for a bit. I haven't really been writing a lot this week, but I have been reading. I figure I'm going to spend this week trying to finish at least 2 of my current books. If I can get ahead before I go back to work that means more reviews for you without the long waits in between. I've already finished one this week now all have to do is breeze through Valley of The Dolls.

Topic 3: Christmas Computer

My mom likes to get us family gifts for Christmas. Since she's a bit of a tech nerd it's usually something hight tech. Ha ha. Our family gift this year is a lovely laptop computer with tons of great features. It just was delivered today. Yay! It's so great. Our old computer is starting to go. Something really neat is that this new one has a blue ray player. I finally got to watch the special features on my Beauty and the Beast Diamond addition. Wow! Blue ray looks good.

Well that's all folks. Merry Christmas loves!

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Bonnie said...

Loved the video, the ending when the little girl is lifted is really nice. Hope you had a very Merry Christmas.

xo, Bonnie