Jan 17, 2011

Short Story of The Week # 23: Don Quixote

Story Title: Don Quixote
From: White Swan, Black Swan
Author: Adrienne Sharp


Noted choreographer, George Balenchine, finds his muse in ballet dancer Suzanne Farrell, and reflects upon his life.

Favorite Line

"They were glass; she was diamond."

My Thoughts

This was a long one but a good one. Which is why this post is running a little more behind than I would like. It took me most of the afternoon to read, and then I couldn't post until way after work. Anyway, I was a very intelligent story. What made it different was that it was a work of fiction based open real people. Adrienne Sharp's imaginings on Balanchine's thoughts and feeling were truly poetic. Of course it was kind of strange reading about what people that have actually lived might have been fictionally thinking. However, that was what I felt was the most exhilarating part of the story.

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