Feb 3, 2011

Thursday Night Thoughts (12)

Hello all. Time for this week's thoughts.

Topic 1: Blogging Schedule

I decided to put myself on a strict blogging schedule, so that I can keep myself living up to my new years resolution to post one review a week. Here's the schedule I plan to stay to unless I tell you guys a change ahead of time.

Monday Morning/Afternoon: Short Story of the Week
Late Tuesday Night: About Books (a.k.a book review)
Early Wednesday: What's Reading Wednesday
Thursday Night: I think that one is obvious
Friday: Follow Friday/Book Blogger Hop

That's it for now. There have been one or two weekly memes I might do once and while.

Topic 2: Double Name

I'm reading Jane Eyre and Sense and Sensibility. I just realized this week that I'm reading two books with a lead character named Edward. I found it very amusing. I looked the name up in my character naming book. Yes, I have a character naming book. I don't using it much right now, but who knows some day I might decide to write the next great American novel, or a great film script. When the time comes my characters will need names right? Ha ha. Anyway, I looked up Edward and it's English derivative (since many of them are English) means wealthy guardian. What do you know, most of the Edward characters are just that. Okay I'm totally babbling now, but technically that is the point of Thursday Thoughts. 

Topic 3: Returning to the Classics

As you may have noticed I've been reading more classic literature of late. Previously I wasn't reading many classics for this blog. No reason why. I guess it just never occurred to me, which is funny because I would that genre like crazy when I was younger. I finally started to miss it, so you'll be seeing far more classics being reviewed in the future. 

Topic 4: Waking Up Dancing

This is more of a funny story to close Thursday. Last night I was dreaming about dancing. It was seriously athletic dance. I guess I was so into the dream that I literally lifted my myself off the bed a flung my arm around landing on my other side. I think I was dreaming about doing a jump and my body actually tried to attempt it outside of the dream world.  The jarring motion of course woke me up. My back was kind of sore today because of it, but it was so funny when I thought about it through out the day. Ha ha. 

That's all folks. See you in a bit. Keep it shiny!

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