Feb 15, 2011

What's Reading Wednesday (5)

Hello beautiful people. Before I give you guys my weekly progress so far I have a little notice. I usually post my book reviews late at night on Tuesday, however, this week's review will be coming on Thursday. It's not because I got behind on writing. The fact is that last night I got no sleep. I mean zero. Don't ask me why. You would think after teaching several dance classes, writing notes to parents, and editing music until 3 in the morning I would have been tired. Ha ha. Anyway, considering that I've been awake for almost 21 hours straight (I couldn't even manage a nap this afternoon), I don't think I would be a good idea to try to post an epic length book review right now. However, I didn't want to leave you awesome people high and dry, so I'm posting my Wednesday post a little early. I really apologize. I hope you guys understand. On to the good stuff.

Currently Reading Books

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Progress: Chapter 20
Thoughts: I blew through almost 6 chapters of this during my afore mentioned sleepless night and day, because I just can't stand to stare into the darkness doing nothing. Insomnia sucks, but the bright side is I got so much reading done. Which is good because I want to finish Dragon Tattoo this week. 

Progress: Chapter 11
Thoughts: I didn't get very far this week so far, but I'm sure I be further along by the weekend.

Re-Read Book

Jane Eyre
Progress: Chapter 15
Thoughts: Some my favorite parts are happening. I can't wait for more.

Listening To Book

Great Expectations
Progress: Chapter 4
Thoughts: I really like listening to this on audio book. It really brings the scenes to life. 

Overall Progress: In terms of the Jane Eyre and The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo, I'm right where I wanted to be. I still need to catch up a bit with the other two books. I'm off to get some much needed sleep. See you guys on Thursday with my review of The Hunger Games. Keep it shiny!

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