Mar 15, 2011

Short Story of The Week (30) - Snow, Glass, Apples

Story Title: Snow, Glass, Apples
From: Smoke and Mirrors
Author: Neil Gaiman


What if Snow-white was a vampire and her step-mother was actually good?

Favorite Line

"Lies and half-truths fall like snow, covering the thing that I remember, the things I saw. A landscape unrecognizable after a snowfall; that is what she has made of my life."

My Thoughts

I've actually read this a couple of times, but I re-read it just now. I must say it is still brilliant. Incredibly twisted and creepy but brilliant. Every time I read it I become intrigued by the world represented in Snow, Glass, Apples.  Snow-white is one scary child like vampire, her poor step-mother/queen is trying to save her people from her, and the prince ends up being a bit of a sicko necrophiliac. Now you see what I mean by twisted and creepy. It's enough to totally freak you out. It's written from the queen's point of view, so you get to experience her terror with her. It makes it like a horror film you can't look away from. I always feel so sympathetic to the step-queen. Bless her heart she really did try to beat that crazy little evil Snow-pire down, and she only got an unhappily ever after to show for it.  If you really want to have a wacky moment try listening to the audio drama version of the story. The mixture of the first person dialogue of the queen and sound effects makes it even more awesomely creepifying than it already is. 

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