Jun 28, 2011

Short Story of the Week (37) - Queenie

Story Title: Queenie
From:Short Stories for Older and Not Quite So Old Children
Author: Dandi Palmer


A boy follow a rather unusual rat in to the woods and discovers the unexpected.

My Thoughts

Hey guys I'm totally writing this from the new Nook Color I got yesterday. I'm just testing it out. Anyway that's why the fonts aren't the way they usually are. Still I figure if I can blog on this thing it means more blog posts for you so why not give it a try. Now on with the show.

I've noticed that I usually tend to lean toward the deeply creepifying short stories, so this week I wanted to break it up with somthing for children. I'm a little bit torn on whether I liked Queenie. It was written in a way that was similar to what I imagine a story made up by a child would be written. That gave it a ver charming quality. At it the same time it made events in the story seem quite random and wonky. I'm pretty sure I enjoyed it though. I think I just need to get used to the writting style. At any rate it's a great story for kids or adults who want to read something fun and fancy free.

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