Jul 12, 2011

My Epic Reading Adventures: I Am Reader Hear Me Roar

Chapter 6: I Am Reader Hear Me Roar

I feel like I am really breezing though the books lately. Frankly I'm doing better than I thought I would. So far it's been 3 books a week which more than my 2 book a week minimum that I must read to complete the challenge. Although my epic reading numbers might have had something to do with the fact that my dish DVR is busted, so I really have to go out of my way to watch TV. Thus, I have limitless reading time during my relaxing time. Though I have to admit that yesterday I gave in to the temptation to watch something akin to TV, and watched a couple hours of Highlander on Netflix. Considering I've finished two books already and it's only Tuesday I don't think it hurt my reading at all. I mean some times you just need to watch immortal beings battle to the death with swords once in a while.

Ever noticed that when you read a lot and quickly you automatically feel smarter. Every book feeds you information or vocabulary. You then can use that knowledge for the next book. Plus, you just end up knowing really cool things in general. It might sound funny but this challenge is proving to be a real confidence booster. Not just with the gaining intelligence factor (that part does rock though). Every time I get closer to meeting my goal I get a new zing of accomplishment. I'm having great fun. Even if I don't meet my goal at least I had fun trying.

Progress Report

Number of Books Completed So Far This Week: 2
Number of Books Left To Complete: 78 (I'm out of the 80s! Super Shiny!)
Rough Drafts of Reviews Started: 1
New Primary Books Choosen: Roswell High: The Outsider, Lucy J.
Miscellaneous Comments: I just finished My Year With Eleanor a few hours ago and I can't wait to review it. Keep it shiny all!

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