Jul 6, 2011

My Epic Reading Adventures: Pandora's Music Box

Chapter 4: Pandora's Music Box

My Nook Color came with the Pandora Radio application. My friend uses Pandora. It sounded kind of cool so I decided to sign up. It was so awesome that I got the application for my phone as well. In in case you don't know what Pandora is here's the run down. You type in a musical artist that you like and Pandora creates a radio station that plays not only that artist but musicians that are similar. It's a great way to hear music you love and find new artists.

What does all this have to do with reading? As you can tell from my reviews, I love to listen to music while I read. Hence, I adore Pandora. If I want a certain musical genre for a book I'm reading I can just pick that radio station that fits and have unlimited listening.  Pandora is also handy for writing. Words come easier to me when I have music in my ears. Hey my post title sounds like a good short story title doesn't it? I'll have to think on that. The progress report below is a little different because I just started the new books so I obviously haven't finished anything yet.

Progress Report

New Primary Book Choice: Tuck Everlasting
New Secondary Book Choice: My Year With Eleanor
Rough Drafts of Reviews Started: 1
Book Playlists Completed: 1
Miscellaneous Comments: My mom suggested My Year With Eleanor. She thought it was good. Plus, it's a memoir, and I've never reviewed a memoir on the blog before. It's nice to try something new a different. Keep it shiny!

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