Aug 6, 2011

My Epic Reading Adventures: Just...Thinking

Chapter 12: Just...Thinking

Hello everyone. Got this feeling that I really wanted to blog, but I had zero blogging ideas. Does that ever happen to you? Well any way thought I would at least give you a reading update and say hello. I finished A Wind In The Door today. I already have ideas on how I want to write the review, even though there are many books ahead of it on the review list. I'm still excited about writing it in the future. I have to pick a new book to re-read now. Hmm...I'm thinking a series book. However, I think I'll surprise myself and you with what I end up picking tomorrow. Hopefully I'll actually have something fun to talk about later on. Everything has just been so uneventful today. Which was really relaxing, but not particularly exciting to talk about. Ha ha. Keep it shiny all!

Progress Report

Number of Books Finished This Week: 2
Number of Books Finished This Year: 29 
Number of Books Left to Complete: 71

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Nina said...

Yes, that happens to me too somethimes. ;) Looking forward to your reviews.