Aug 25, 2011

My Epic Reading Adventures: A New Order

Chapter 17: A New Order

Hello all. Yes, I am alive. This is my first week with my new work schedule, so I'm still figuring out which days are best to post. Believe it or not I do have two book reviews due to appear this weekend. I'm going to do one as a vlog and one written. 

Speaking of writing reviews I'm trying something different. I've always in a written my reviews in the order in which I finished the books. I don't know why I did this, but I was actually quite O.C.D about it. However, I realized that I sometimes had writers block on I was supposed to be reviewing, and tons of ideas for a book review that was two or three books ahead. I started thinking that it made a lot more since to just  write the reviews I had ideas for. That way the words would flow naturally and I'm having more fun. Hence, I'm going the throw my compulsive behavior out the window and right the reviews out order and fancy free. It's a plan that I've already tried this week and it was so pleasant. 

As for reading I read the second Fearless book. I think I've come up with a plan on how to review the Fearless books. Since the series is so long I'm think I will review them in groups of four or five books at a time. I'm kind of playing it by ear. In the end it might be best to do one review for the whole series once I finish it. 

Anyway, I am now in a comic book mood, so I'm going to read more Vampire Hunter D and re-read the first Sandman novel. I know I already have a re-read book but I really really want to read Sandman. You see I finally got the fourth novel Season of Mists. I'm very excited to read it. However, when it comes to The Sandman graphic novels I always forget what happens in the previous books by the time I get a new book. Thus, I have to read it over from the beginning every time. So I'm doing just that. I can't wait to read book four. 

Before I go a note to Lori. No, I hadn't heard of the Vlog Brothers until you mentioned them. I found their channel but haven't watched the videos yet. Sounds like good fun though. I like the name Vlog Brothers. I makes me think of the Frog Brothers in the movie Lost Boys. By the way, I'm going to see that movie at a late night show in the theater Friday night. I guess that's tonight really, because it 12:47am right now. I am so excited. I love that movie! Well that's it darlings. Keep it shiny!

Progress Report

Number of Books Completed so Far This Week: 1
Number of Books Completed This Year: 35
Number of Books Left To Complete: 65
New Primary Reads Chosen: Vampire Hunter D Vol.1 part 2, The Sandman Vol.1: Preludes and Nocturnes

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