Aug 2, 2011

Short Story of The Week (42) - Wolf

Story Title: Wolf
From: The Rose and the Beast
Author: Francesca Lia Black


Young teen runs away from her bad home situation to her grandmother's house.

Favorite Line

"When you are born it is like a long, long dream."

My Thoughts

I always enjoy the stories in The Rose and the Beast. I picked this story for this week because I didn't remember ever reading it. Even though I'm sure I  have read all the stories in the book at least once. Hmm...I guess it's just been a long time since I've read it. "Wolf" is a modernized retelling of "Little Red Riding Hood." It reminded me of a less crazy version of the movie Freeway with a little of White Oleander thrown in there for good measure. I like modernized retellings of "Little Red Riding Hood." It's an interesting way to make commentary on tough subjects. In this case "Wolf" deal with the effects of molestation on a young girl. It's sad of course, but it is written beautifully. I should see about reading a novel by Francesca Block. I love her writing so much already.

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