Aug 8, 2011

Short Story of The Week (43) - Fear

Story Title: Fear
Author: Sammi Strasser


A girl comes upon a deserted house, and discover that the house holds dark secrets.

My Thoughts

I was entertained by Fear, but it didn't knock my socks off. It's good for your average scary story. That was it though it was just average, with a side of blood a gore. There wasn't any different twist or a unique concept. The writing style was nice I suppose. In fact there really isn't a lot I have to say about this story. Hmm...I guess it just didn't wow me. Well I got for free in the nook store. Sometimes you get what you pay for. 

I usually post my book review in the wee hours of the morning and the short story review afternoon. However, this week I'm switching it up. After finishing up the book review rough draft and writing on my song blog my brain is fried. I'll be back in the afternoon with the book review. I think I need to sleep or at least curl up with a book. See you later. 

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