Sep 5, 2011

My Epic Reading Adventures: Great Gifts

Chapter 19: Great Gifts

Hey everyone. How was your holiday? Mine was interesting and yet fun. I'm one of those people that decided to work on during my holiday, well except for Sunday which I spent sleeping on the couch and watching movies. That was fun. Working today was fun too. I got to spend today with people who are great to work with. 

I had an awesome B-day last Friday. I called my party sushi and superheros. My mom, my friends, and I all went to eat great fresh sushi and had cheese cake. We all had to wear a t-shirt with some kind of comic book character on it. I'm sure we looked wacky but in a good way. My dad joined us later we went to a late night viewing of Fight Club at the Franklin Theater. Didn't quite fit my superhero theme, but it's still a great movie and it was cheaper than going to the normal movie theater. 

I got wonderful and useful gifts. My friends gave me a scarf and jewelry. What girl doesn't need that? My parents gave lots of great stuff as well. I got Zumba Toning sticks for zumba class. They are these fun colored weights with sand in them so they make a shaking sound like maracas when you dance. So fun! I also received a new super hero T-shirt. I am obsessed with super hero shirts right now. The new one I got has Spider-man on it. My other two gifts were quite blog and bookish. I finally found a copy of The Catcher in the Rye that was in a font size and had spacing that my little learning difference brain could read. So I added that to my gift pile. Believe it of not I found it at Target and not at the book store as I expected. I am so excited to read it. I felt rather silly that I hadn't read it when it seems like almost everyone has read it for school or something. Last but not least my parents gave me the voice recognition software I've been wanting. I haven't gotten around to setting up the system on my computer, but I can't wait to try it out. I'm sure you guys can't wait either. I've been talking about getting that software for months. 

Now on to the book news. I didn't quite finish three books like I wanted last week. However, I still read my required two books and I read half of a new book, so I came really close. I started the second Sandman book right after I finished the first. Of course, I'm reading The Catcher in the Rye. My re-reading of The Usual Rules has be put on a bit of a stand still. I do want to read it, but my reading road has taken my in a slightly different direction. I'll just read The Usual Rules slowly like I do with Hamlet and North and South. Gosh, I just realized I haven't read Hamlet in awhile. I hope I haven't lost track of what's going on. 

Wow! I really started to babble this time. Ha ha! I'll see you all soon for Short Story of The Week. I'm going to try to do two reviews this week. One is going to be for the first two Roswell High books since a couple of you asked about them. for my second review I can't decided if I want to review Glass or The Gift of Illusion. Maybe I'll start both and see where it takes me. By the way thanks to all the people who stopped by and followed on the Friday Blog Hops. Many hugs. Keep it shiny!

Progress Report

Number of Books Completed This Year: 38
Number of Book Left To Complete: 62

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