Sep 25, 2011

My Epic Reading Adventures: In Need of Novellas

Chapter 21: In Need of Novellas

Hello all. I'm back. Thanks for being so great and understanding. Also thanks to those of you who left sweet uplifting comments. I really needed that. Many hugs!

I've realized through doing some semi-accurate math, that I will probably have to read four or five books a week if I want to complete a hundred books by the end of the year. Hence, I'm resorting to really short books and novellas more than ever. I'm going from reading things that are no more than 250 pages to books only a little over hundred pages. It's worked out so far this week. Most young adult book are that length, but it's taking me awhile to find a variety of genres that are short. Any ideas? I've found some ideas on the internet, but what are some of your favorite novellas. 

Well the great thing about having life trials and tribulations is that is makes you want to curl up with a book even more that you did before. So I've read quite a few things since we last saw each other. Of course I finished book 4 of Sandman which means I'm going to have to order more online soon. Then I went novella mode and decided to start with Steve Martin's book Shop Girl. That made me curious about other fiction written by actors so I decide to read Hilary Duff's book Elixir. Then I was in the mood for something more youthful and multicultural so I read Bindi Babes by Narindar Dhami. For something different I read I Can't Keep My Own Secrets a collection of six word memoirs by teens. It was interesting and it was only 34 pages. I put the rest of the series on my wish list. Lastly I spent today reading Dr. Jekel and Mr. Hyde. I had read it before but really had forgotten everything but the general plot. I was fun to revisit it again. 

In other book news, I'm going to pick a new realistic re-read book. I did want to read The Usual Rules, but I'm not it the mood now. Plus, it's way too long and I need to get it on e-book so I can have larger print. I'm playing with the idea of re-reading Anne of Green Gables or maybe I'll read The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. Hmm...not sure which. Leaning toward Anne though. I miss her character so much. I haven't read the Anne books in a long time. Anne it is then. I think it's around 200 pages. I'll read something really short at the same time to balance it out. 

Progress Report

Number of Books Read This Week: 4
Number of Books Completed This Year: 46
Number of Book Left To Complete: 54

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LoriStrongin said...

One of my writing friends, Krista D. Ball, has some great novellas. "Harvest Moon" is a great take on a First Peoples legend from Canada, and "Space Sucks" is hilarious. She's also coming out soon with "Road to Hell," which is a scifi in which a space station captain is determined to do whatever it takes to defeat an enemy, no matter what it costs her.

Hope you enjoy her stuff!