Nov 3, 2011

My Epic Reading Adventures: Actually Productive

Chapter 24: Actually Productive

For the first time in a long time I've felt like I've accomplished a few things that were actually productive this week. In terms of my job I finished some dances, found some great songs for dances, and did all the costume orders I needed. In terms of blogging I've actually managed to post on both this blog and my song blog a reasonable hours instead of in the wee hours of the morning. I also got a book review out on the exact day that I wanted instead of a week passed the day I planed. 

I'm on track with my reading. I suddenly got in the mood for non-fiction in the early parts of the week, so I picked up Stephen King's book "On Writing." I finished it yesterday. I'm very temped to review it right away, but I think I've put the "My Year With Eleanor" review on the back burner for way too long. Then it was in the mood for a bit of horror and zombies. It just so happens that nook color has an application for the comic "Walking Dead." I got volume 1 and burned rubber though that book as well yesterday. The way it's going I see no problems with finishing at least four books this week. Yay! I want to at least pass book sixty by Sunday. Well, I'm off to get ready to teach dance class. I'm going to try to post this weeks short story tonight or in the afternoon tomorrow. I'm not sure what to read this time hmm... I'll think on it.    

Progress Report

Number of Books Completed So Far This Week: 2
Number of Books Completed This Year: 59
Number of Book Left To Complete: 41


Nina said...

Yay, for the dances!!! :)

LoriStrongin said...

Oh dear, Walking Dead comes in graphic novel format, too??? As if the show itself isn't terrifying enough!!!

Lori (who is a big, giant chicken)

Congrats on getting the dances and costumes and music on track!!!! What kind of dance do you prefer/specialize in?