Nov 24, 2011

Short Story of The Week (52) - The Doll

Story Title: The Doll
From: The Doll: The Lost Short Stories
Author: Daphne du Maurier


Man discovers that the woman that is the object of his obsession has an object of obsession of her own. 

Favorite Line

"You fill me with a kind of horror, a devastating hate that is akin to love -- a hunger that is nausea."

My Thoughts

I found The Doll a very compelling story. I also found it very unsettling.  The story is written as if a doctor (can only assume that he is a psychologist) is publishing the faded journal of a nameless man on the verge of a breakdown. Since the journal is fade in places it often leaves out parts of the narrative where it writing is claimed to be illegible. This only severed to be more unsettling to the reader. It left you feeling a little lost, but in a good way because the narrator is a little lost as well. In fact there is quite a bit of confusion written in to the story. It made you feel like you were going crazy along with this nameless guy who has become deeply obsessive over this woman (who is ironically named Rebecca, though I don't think this story has any relation to Daphne du Maurier's novel of the same title.) 

I found Rebecca herself quite troubling. Her description gives you that terrifyingly beautiful vibe. She definitely draws this guy to her in a very strange almost mystical manner that was kind of creepy. It the end I think what I think when the parts that involved the actual "doll" that gave me the wiggins the most. I won't tell you much about it, because it would ruin the story for you. Most of it is implied which of course makes you imagine that everything is much worse that it is. I always think it's great when authors do that. Daphne did an awesome job at creating a mood and making the feelings in the story very tangible. Even though I did find The Doll disturbing is was almost deliciously so. Thus,  I have to say that I kind of liked it despite it's weirdness.  

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LoriStrongin said...

DEFINITELY want to read this one! I'm a big fan of psychological tales where you're never quite sure if the narrator is sane or not. And YES, dolls are creepy. Plus, Daphne du Maurier is one hell of a writer, so I'll pretty much read anything she's written!