Dec 6, 2011

My Epic Reading Adventures: 25 Books Away From Glory and Amazon Rocks

Chapter 26: 25 Books Away From Glory and Amazon Rocks

I can't believe it I am merely 25 books away from finishing 100 books this year. So close and yet so far. I'm too close to the finish line now to give up now. I just have to make it even though I don't know how I'm going to read that many books in 23 days. If graphic novels and manga didn't count I'd be screwed. Fortunately they do so I'm ok. Yay! However, I want to enjoy some normal books as well. I asked my friend Katrina (who is also an epic reader) if she knew of any short books and she offered a lot of great ideas. Cirque Du Freak, Vladimir Tod, Ghostgirl, The Sisters Grimm, and Winnie The Pooh. I decided to start the first Sisters Grimm book. It just sounded cute. 

Sadly I've left a lot of my Secondary Reads in the dust for shorter reads. I just don't have a lot of time on my hands. I'm kind of disappointed about that, but I will definitely make all those book a priority in the new year. I fact the only long book that I've finished is Along Came A Spider. Oh did I tell you that I read Wolves of Willoughby Chase last week. I don't mean to give half my review of it away ahead of time, but I will anyway. It was flipping awesome!

This week I finally got around to reading The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. I completed it in one day. Don't know what took me so long to get around to reading it. The book has been sitting on my shelf since...well I guess since around the time the book came out. I guess all the Breaking Dawn hype reminded me that I should read it. Which subsequently reminded me that I still have not reviewed all the Twilight books even though I promised to like four years ago. Opps! I'll have to get to that sometime even though I'm pretty sure most of the known world has read or made an opinion of them by now. I figure my point of view might still be worth reading, but mostly I just want to show off my playlists. Ha ha. Perhaps I should warn you now that I'm not a fan of the films. I'm going re-read the books next year anyway for a project my mom and I are putting together. I'm not going to tell you guys about it yet. It's still in the thinking box stage. 

Speaking of reviews I've got to get to work on some, because I have so many ideas. I lucked out and got to watch the movie version of The Christmas Box on Sunday, so that will help me out with the book review. However, I want to review The Christmas Carol and The Christmas Box closer to the actual holiday, so I decided I might review Shiver next because it's getting cold outside. I'm really into doing seasonal reviews this year. I don't know why. Just a mood that struck me I suppose. 

Oh yes, I almost forgot to tell you why Amazon rocks. It's because they have almost everything of course. I've been wanting to re-read Cycle of The Werewolf for at least a month now, but sadly don't own it. This is why I prefer to buy books instead of checking them out a the library. They're always there when you need them that way. I ordered it on Monday. I am so excited! I also ordered the 6th Sandman volume which I'm very excited about as well. I might get them tomorrow...or I guess today since it's past 1 in the morning. How confusing.  Why can't I write at normal times of the day? Well, I'm going to sign off. I'm going to go read some more. Book number 76 here I come.

Progress Report

Number of Books Completed This Year: 75
Number of Books Left To Complete: 25


Sidne said...

just stopping by to share my 2012 reading challenge. its different and fun.

LoriStrongin said...

You can do it! You can do it!!!!

If you like scifi, my friend Krista Ball just released her novella Road to Hell. It's honestly amazing. It's set in the middle of a war, but that's not the gripping part of the book. After a personal tragedy, Katherine, the captain of the space station, decides that the ends will justify the means and does whatever she needs to to end the war. She's a fantastically complicated character, and the shortness of the book makes her that much more intense of a heroine.

Hope you give it a try!