Dec 26, 2011

My Epic Reading Adventures - Let The Readathon Commence and How The Nook Update Saved Me

Chapter 27: Let The Readathon Commence! And How the Nook Update Saved Me...

I'm doing surprisingly well at completely books. Only ten books to go. Luckily I am on break from work which means I totally have time for a readathon. All I have to do is read two books a day and I'll make it. I can't tell you how much the Nook update has helped me make leaps and bounds toward reaching my goal. Thank you Nook for updating and adding so many graphic novels to your store. Plus allowing me to watch movies on Netflix. You rock! 

I've been enjoying The Ultimates, X-Men and comic book adaptations of Twilight and Dracula. By the way Dracula is so much better as a graphic novel. I also read a Frog and Toad book. I know it's a children's book but it's so cute. To make it even more cute I got the enhanced version that reads to you as you follow along. The way the guy does the voices is awesome. All this short book reading has left me time to read longer things in print. I'm re-reading my favorite book Speak which I hope to finish tonight. Sadly the book has started to fall apart. Bummer! Oh well, I guess I can always buy it again on e-book later, or I could just see if I can glue it back together. I'm very excited that I'm so close to meeting my goal. Yay!

Progress Report

Number of Books Completed This Year: 90
Number of Books Left To Complete: 10 

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