Dec 1, 2011

Short Story of The Week (53) - The Corsage

Story Title: The Corsage
From: Prom Nights From Hell
Author: Lauren Myracle


A teenage girl gains possession of a corsage which is said to be able to grant three wishes, but every wish come with a great price.

My Thoughts

I knew that I would like The Corsage as soon as I read the note from the author at the beginning. The note stated that she based this story on the 1902 story The Monkey's Paw, which apparently scared her silly. I didn't only enjoy the actually story Lauren Myracle created. I loved the personalities of the characters. I thought it was wonderful that she addes some teen culture details into the story to make them behave young people and like things that "real" teens like. This made the characters believable even the the circumstances were certainly supernatural. This was a lovely read indeed. 

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