Jan 30, 2012

Short Story of The Week (59) - The Exterminator's Daughter

Story Title: The Exterminator's Daughter
From: Prom Nights from Hell
Author: Mag Cabot


Mary knows it's not easy being the daughter of an Exterminator (a.k.a Vampire Slayer). At least she has a date to prom. Well...if you call teaming up with the cute guy from history class to kill the son of Dracula a date that is. 

Favorite Line

"Life is full of mysteries, as my dad likes to say, many of which are wrapped up in enigmas."

My Thoughts

The Exterminator's Daughter was a whole bunch of fun. Not only did the plot move along quickly, but I can't resist any type of vampire related adventure. I liked the story was told from two different points of view. It gives the reader new insight on what other characters are thinking. Most of all I loved the humor in it. I'm a sucker for witty quips. I love wit and the characters are fond of being witty. I kept having to read the hilarious lines to my mom while reading it. This was a great lunch time read. It's fun, sweet, and has vampire action. It made me smile. 

By the way my loves the book review is in the works. I was going to post it on the weekend but every time I looked my parents were trying to fix the computer that I use for my dictation software. When I tried to work on it elsewhere I kept getting focused on my research for the post. There are a lot of interesting facts for Alice in Wonderland. I've got to narrow it down some. Well, I have to run and teach 3 to 5 year-olds. Keep it shiny all!

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