Feb 7, 2012

Short Story of The Week (60) - Nothing Hurts for Long

Story Title: Nothing Hurts for Long 
From: The Doll
Author: Daphne du Maurier


A woman prepares for her husband's long awaited return. When he comes back she finds that he is much changed.

Favorite Line

"It's all right, nothing hurts for long."

My Thoughts

I found Nothing Hurts for Long slightly sad. There's no death in it or anything. It's just that I hate to see people disappointed. The woman in this story definitely was on the edge of feeling deep sadness and disappointment. This story surprised me with it's ability to pull at my hearts strings. Daphne wrote it in a way that made it easy to connect with the emotions of the narrator. I liked it even though it was on the somber side. It was kind of like listening to a sad song, and I love listening to sad songs. 

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