Mar 8, 2012

Children's Book of The Week (4) - Very Worried Walrus


Author: Richard Hefter
Age Level: 3 and up

Short Summary

Walrus tells his friend Pig all his concerns about the bad things that could happen while riding a bike.

My Thoughts

I picked this because the kids at my dance school seem to like it so much. During dance breaks I often find them reading this with their parents. I have to say I like it quite a bit as well. The art is rather cute and the theme makes me giggle. Walrus really blows his fears about falling off his bike out of proportion. The creativity and lengths he takes it to are hilarious. It's is a good thing that he has a friend like Pig who reminds him that riding his bike can be fun, and it's really not the end of the world if you fall off. We should all have friends like that to remind us to focus on the positives of a new experience instead of the negatives.

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