Mar 27, 2012

My Epic Reading Adventures - Reading On A Budget

Hello All. Lately I've been trying to budget my funds more effectively. I figure part of that is keeping my book purchasing addiction to a minimum for a little while. At first this was going to be the equivalent of going on a few strict diet, an experience also known as no fun. I started looking in my library of print and e-books and realized I have more than enough reading material already in my possession. A factor I probably would have noticed sooner if I had read some of the unread books in my library more often instead of buying a new book every time I finished reading something. The awesome news is that several of them apply to my current reading challenges. For the next few months I'm going to try not to buy any new books over the price of a dollar. I might make a small exception if I find a short story book that I really like. However, I realized that I had some short story books on my phone already. In addition, the Aldiko application has quite a few free books and short stories. I don't know why didn't think of that before. 

I'm a little behind on my reading schedule for reading 105 books this year. I'm not overly concerned, because I'm taking next week off for spring break. I know I'll have some extra reading time to catch up then. Plus, I finished The Girl Who Played With Fire, First Love, and Neverwhere in the last two weeks. Yay! Right now I'm listening to North and South on audio book. I just started reading Fear Nothing today. I'm making good progress on it already. I'm trying to pick my books to read over spring break early. I'm thinking I'm definitely going to re-read Jacob Have I Loved. I'm not sure what else. I've got way more choices than I thought. 

See you guys later. I'm off to read some more and write some more. Keep it shiny!


Kat said...

wattpad app has free books on there :) but I really don't like reading them on my phone, I'm kinda a paper and ink gal. My mom says it's old fashioned idk Btw if you run out of book, you know I have thousands that I'd freely loan :)

Unknown said...

: Actually, you bring up a good point. This blogs have native feeds (build-in feeds) but many add Feed burner, Feed Blitz or another feed service to their blogs. Now they have their own feeds, but those feeds, and where do the numbers get tracked? has yet to get a real handle on all the feed tracking confusion, so I’m not sure if all feeds are incorporated into those numbers or not. We need to learn more about what is track able and what isn’t and how to make our choices accordingly.