Aug 23, 2010

Short Story of The Week # 6: Dead-Wood

Story Title: Dead-Wood
From: 20th Century Ghosts
Author: Joe Hill


Even dead trees can manifest as ghosts.

Favorite Line

"Somehow it's easier to imagine the ghost of a tree that it is a ghost of a man."

My Thoughts

The first short story I've read out of my new book. 20th Century Ghosts was suggested to me by the guy at the book store last Sunday. I was looking for just one more short story collection to add to my library. Dead-Wood is yet another extremely short tale. It only five paragraphs long or so. I'll admit I picked it for that reason. I actually wanted to get this blog out on Monday instead of late Tuesday this week. Ha ha. Anyhow, this story starts off by giving information rather than telling a story. It explains several encounters in which trees and forests have manifested as ghosts in various ways. It's a pretty cool concept, which I've never seen used before. In the last paragraph you see how the tree idea relates to the narrators life in a human way. Overall very interesting creative idea. Totally made me want to read Joe Hill's novel Heart Shaped Box. I own it I just never seem to get to it. You know so many books so little time. 

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