Jan 11, 2011

What's Reading Wednesday

I've been trying to think of an idea for a Wednesday post for the longest time. Then an idea randomly popped into my head. I decided on Wednesday it might be fun to do a post on how far I am in all the books I'm reading, and what I think of them so far. 

 Currently Reading Books

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Chapter 5
My Impressions so far in on 3 words: Intriguing and mysterious.

Chapter 3
My impressions so far in 3 words: Love the characters.

Re-Read Book

Jane Eyre
Chapter 4
My impressions so far in 3 words: Still a favorite.

Listing To Book

Sense and Sensibility
Chapter 15
My impressions so far in 3 words: Lots of dialogue.

Overall Progress: I'm reading a little slow this week, but I'm so far ahead with my review list that I figure I have time to make it up somewhere. I'm thinking I'll catch up on the weekend. It's looking like my Valley of the Dolls review will be up by very late Wednesday or Thursday. I'm almost finished but I'm leaving time to edit and run it through spell check. Sadly I'm not one of those people that can post a review hours after I've read the book. When I write something long I've got to analyze it to pieces before I post it. Even then I find things that I've missed. Ha ha. Luckily I can always go back and fix things later on blogger. Yay! Keep it shiny all!

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