Mar 20, 2012

Short Story of The Week (64) - Why Mr. Cropper Changed His Mind

Story Title: Why Mr. Cropper Changed His Mind
Author: Lucy Maud Montgomery


Ester must find a clever way to prove to Mr. Cropper that is capable of being a school teacher for his two ill behaved sons. 

My Thoughts

I had completely forgotten that I had this collection of short stories by Lucy Maud Montgomery on the Kindle App. on my phone. I'm so glad I remembered because this story was both sweet and clever. I loved that it had a lot of snappy dialogue. This story also celebrates girl power in an underlying way. Sometimes we forget until we read something that was written in 1903 that women weren't always considered equal with men. The main character, Ester, really had to cook up a well meaning scheme to prove that she could teach a class of students just as well as anyone. Overall, I generally enjoyed this. It's a very quick read that made me smile. 

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Sidne said...

This does sound like a book i would enjoy.