Dec 10, 2008

About Books Blog 1: Carrie


Hello Readers! Welcome to my first About Books Blog. This is a little project I decided to start to get people interested in reading. I hope you enjoy it.

I'm going to let you know, that the first five blogs I'm putting on here are ones the I had already written on my myspace. Hence, they will go up on this blog rather quickly. I'm only saying this, because I don't want you to think that I read a new book every week. After the first five blogs I'll probably post something new between two to four weeks apart.
Now on with the show.


Author: Stephen King
Genre: Horror

(In case you live in a hole and don't know what Carrie is about.)

The story of a teenage misfit girl (Carrie) who gains telekinetic powers, and wreaks revenge on a small town in Maine during prom night.

What I Thought Of This Book

I've read Carrie about three times, so obviously it is one of my favorites. It is a bit gruesome and the characters are down right cruel, yet for some reason I love this book. This probably won't be the novel for you if you don't like horror and violence. It is, however, an excellent book to read if you are just starting to read Stephen King. Not only will it get you used to his writing style, it is also comparatively shorter than his other literary works.

Facts I Find Hilarious/Interesting

1. There is actually a continuity mistake in this book. Early in the novel, the reader learns that Carrie's father, Ralph, died in an accident before she was born. Later on, however, Carrie's mother recalls that Ralph had stopped her from killing Carrie when she first exhibited telekinetic powers as baby. Here I thought continuity errors only happened on film. I guess King's editor slept through and couple paragraphs and missed this little mistake. Haha.

2. I read on Wikipedia that in 1988 some insane people actually made Carrie into a Broadway musical. It closed after five performances, and considered one of Broadway’s biggest flops. Are we really surprised though? I mean can you see Carrie's mother, Chris Hargenson, or Billy Nolan bursting out into song. Just imagining it makes me giggle.

3. On the television program LOST the character, Juliet states that Carrie is her favorite book.

The Movie(s)

There are few adaptations of Carrie. The original 1976 version is my personal favorite out of them all. It is well written, the actors are very good and most of them look like how the characters are described in the novel. Plus the end will scare you silly. (Insert maniacal laugh here.)

There is also the 2002 television remake. I recently watched this via youtube. I can't say that I liked it that much. I feel that Carrie should be set in the 1970’s so the idea of it being modernized was vaguely ludicrous. I thought the characters were actually played a little too nice and a bit comical. The ending of it was strange. On the bright side, I thought Angela Bettis who played Carrie did a nice job, and they get kudos for using several lines from the book.

As for 1999's Carrie 2: The Rage it wasn't really my cup of tea. I did think the idea of Carrie’s half sister exacting revenge on her schoolmates was somewhat cool. In a fanfiction way of course.

Here are links to the movie trailers. I find the voice-overs on all these to be hilarious.

Carrie (1976)

Carrie (2002)

Carrie 2: The Rage

Music To Read By

I personally enjoy listening to music while I read. Hence, I though it would be fun to tell you what I listen to while reading. I've also made a playlist of songs on my Mp3 player that are like a book soundtrack.

Favorite Albums For Carrie

My favorite albums to listen to while reading Carrie was Meteora by Linkin' Park and Three Cheers are for Sweet Revenge by My Chemical Romance. I find the title of the second album rather ironic don't you?

Carrie Playist

There is a player below containing most of the songs on the list.

Just Like A Woman-The Byrds originally performed by Bob Dylan
(Note: This Song is quoted near the beginning of the novel. Carrie writes the lyrics. "Everybody's guessed/ that baby can't be blessed/ 'til she finally sees that she's like all the rest..." in her high school notebook. How Carrie would end up hearing this song, considering her mother, is beyond me.)
Crucify - Tori Amos
Sticks and Stones - Aly and AJ
Numb - Linkin' Park
Road House Blues - The Doors
Faint - Linkin' Park
Somebody To Love - Jefferson Airplane
(Note: Sue Snell listens to the Long John Silver album by Jefferson Airplane while staying home from prom. This song is not on the album but I felt like the band should be represented on the playlist. In addition, the lyrics kind of fit.)
Dance Dance - Fall Out Boy
Raining Blood - Tori Amos originally performed by Slayer
(Note: Truthfully, I wouldn't say I loved either version of this song. However, Tori's version is the song I hear behind the infamous pig's blood scene and the lyrics are perfect.)
Kill Caustic - AFI
Battle of One - 30 Seconds to Mars
I Never Told You What I Do For A Living - My Chemical Romance
Road To Dead - Paula Cole
The End - My Chemical Romance
Strange Days - The Doors
Tombstone Blues - Bob Dylan
(Note: This song is quoted near the end of the book as an epitaph to Carrie. "I wish I could write you a melody so plain/ That would save you, dear lady, from going insane/ That would ease you and cool you and cease the pain/ Of your useless and pointless knowledge." I pretty sure Stephen King changed a word in there somewhere but who cares.)

Well that's it folks. Thanks for reading. Keep it shiny!!!

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I love how you do your book blogs. I'm amazed at how you listen and know all this music while your reading your books. Keep up the book reading and book blogs. I enjoy reading them and think they are very entertaining.