Dec 30, 2008

About Books Blog 2: The Shipping News

The Shipping News Pictures, Images and Photos

Author: E. Annie Proulx
Genre: General Fiction


After the death of his two timing wife, Quoyle and his two daughters move to Newfoundland to begin a new life.

I just realized that this summary rhymes. Haha.

What I Thought Of This Book

This novel and I had a love/hate relationship. The beginning of the book was great. The end of the book was great. The middle... well I'm not so sure about the middle. It was a little slow and I couldn't really figure out the purpose of some of the events.

Luckily the characters are so wonderful that it makes up for the lack luster mid section of the book. My two favorite characters, Quoyle and Wavey, are adorably awkward. You can't help but make yourself finish the book just to be sure everything turns out well for them.

Over all I didn't love this book, but I probably would have if E. Annie Proulx had cut about one hundred pages. Don't be detoured from reading this just because it wasn't a favorite of mine. It might be just the thing for you. I mean it did win a Pulitzer Prize after all.

Facts I Found Interesting

Apparently one of E. Annie Proulx's inspirations for the book was Ashley Book of Knots by Clifford W. Ashley. It is quoted at the beginning of each chapter, and even some the characters are named after knots described in the book.

The Movie

I have yet to see the movie. I watched the trailer and the movie looked ten times better than the book. In addition, there are several brilliant actors in it. I guess I'll have to figure out how to watch this film sometime.

The Shipping News Trailer

Update 8/1/10: The Shipping News Movie Review

Music to Read By

Favorite Albums For The Shipping News

My two favorites to listen to were Eye to the Telescope and Drastic Fantastic by Kt Tunstall. If you listen carefully, many of the lyrics on both albums fit the points of view of some of the characters in the novel. My other favorite albums for this book were Blue by Joni Mitchell, the Beowulf Soundtrack, and A Piano: The Collection by Tori Amos.

A reoccurring theme of the novel is the sea, so I often liked to listen to songs that centered around that theme as well. Many of them are on the playlist below.

The Shipping News Playlist

Clocks - Coldplay
Funny Man - KT Tunstall
Siren - Tori Amos
Tears and Rain - James Blunt
Saving My Face - KT Tunstall
Blue - Joni Mitchell
The Dolphin Song - Tori Amos
Silent Sea - KT Tunstall
Into The Ocean - Blue October
Gently As She Goes (Beowulf Soundtrack) - Robin Wright-Penn
Come on, Come out - A Fine Frenzy
Martha's Foolish Ginger - Tori Amos
Answer - Sarah Mclachlan
You Picked Me - A Fine Frenzy
Don't Panic - Coldplay

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