Oct 3, 2009

Blog Award!


The sweet darling of a woman from Geeb's Book Club Blog decided to give me a One Lovely Blog Award. Thank you! That is so very kind of you. I'm very excited. My first blog award. Yay!

Anyway now I am supposed to choose 15 blogs to give the same award to. It was tough to just pick 15. Most of them are book blogs but there a few that are not. I think a couple of my picks have already gotten this award, but nobody said I could give them one again. Here are my choices.

Books I Done Read

Peace Love & Pat Book Reveiws

Froggaritavilles Bookcase

Mindful Musings: A Book Blog

Reading Cause I'm Addicted

So Many Books, So Little Time

The Sweet Bookshelf

Tiny Little Reading Room

What Book Is That?

Opinionated? Me?

A Study in Contradictions

Reading is Sexy

Finding Pieces Of Me

JackieOrioncat's Take On Life

PS22 Chorus

Now all the people I've chosen have to pick 15 people to give the One Lovely Blog Award to as well. I'm going to go about contacting all of you who were chosen soon. It's going to be a crazy week this week, but I'll try to get to most of you early this week. If you are a member of BookBlogs you might be getting a message from me on there. Some of you are followers of the blog so you might know you were picked right away.

Okay I'm starting to babble. I promise that I am working on my next review. I think it's going to have a lot of video links, so I have to do some more searching for the videos I want. Okay I'm still babbling. See you all later. Keep it shiny!!!

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PeaceLove&Pat said...

Thanks so much Jazz ;)