Jun 5, 2010

About Books Blog 20: So B. It


Author: Sarah Weeks
Genre: Young Adult

Favorite Line

"All this truth, spilling out around me, crashing over me in giant waves, left me sitting in the middle of the flood with nothing to say."


Heidi lives an unconventional life, raised by her mentally disabled mother and their agoraphobic neighbor Bernadette. Heidi's mother only uses 23 words in her vocabulary. One particular word, soof, haunts Heidi and leads her on a journey to discover the secrets of her past.

What I Thought of This Book

My aunt got me this book for Christmas. She knows that I love a good YA novel. I decided to start reading it right after I finished Comic Book Tattoo. As I mentioned in the earlier review we had no electricity, and I am a night owl, thus I need to read some more. Apparently, I do my best reading in partial darkness. I know it's supposed to be bad for your eyes, but I don't care.

Anyway, I read three chapters and I was hooked. It was pleasantly unpredictable. Sometimes even in the best books you can tell what is going to happen next before you read it. This book isn't like that. The placement of the events and the characters make each page a mystery. The author had a way of making you attached to every character. Not only the main character, Heidi, but also the supporting characters that might only appear for a chapter or two. I did love Heidi. She was easy to connect with. We both like to describe things in interesting ways, and to make lists. It is always cool when you can see parts of yourself in a character.

I had a feeling that the book was going to be a nice read, but I didn't know I was going to love it so much. It proves that you don't need sex, violence, and an abundant amount of cursing to tell a great story. The book is a bit sad, but not in a clinically depressed way. I left the story with hope despite the sadness. So B. It is definitely going be on my favorite list. 

Facts I Found Interesting

Since the character, Bernadette is an agoraphobic, I decided to look it up on Wikipedia. Here is a link to what I found.

The Movie

No movie as of yet. I think it would be a great film. It's so short the screen writer probably wouldn't have to change very much of it.

Music To Read By

I didn't listen to any music while reading this. Keep in mind that it is a 23-chapter 243-page book. The book was so short I finished it in a week. I never even got around to music. I did finish it while the ballroom people were working on a country two step dance. I don't think that counts though. I don't have a playlist for this one, because I didn't listen to anything. However, I will leave you with the one song that sort of makes me think of this book, "All You Need Is Love." It is tough to find The Beatles on the internet, so I'm going with the Across The Universe version. 

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