Jun 8, 2010

Reading Goals and Other Stuff

Hello loves. Lately I've been thinking about reading goals. I've decided to set some now that it's summer and I have more reading time. Frankly, I got sick of the fact that I'm been reading a couple books for several months, and never getting around to finishing them. Thus, I've decided to set a time line for my reading so that I can get these books done. For example: I'm going to try to finish The Stand by Friday or Saturday at the latest. I've calculated that I have to read around a hundred pages a day for it to work. It's going to be an interesting challenge.

After finishing The Stand I'm going to put my focus on The Phophecy. The only reason I haven't finished that is because I've been trying to read it on the computer. I guess I'm not a read on the computer person. Thus, I'm printing the book out. I have a thing about actually being able to turn pages. Ha ha! No e-books for me.

One of my other summer goals is to post around 10 more reviews by the end of the summer. I think it might be a tough goal to meet, but I figure set your goals high. I have way to many unread books in my library, and there are a couple books that I want to re-read to review for the blog. Do any of you set reading goals or do you just go flow?

Oh, by the way, I'm thinking about changing Book List Saturdays to Book List Sunday. The fact is that I work on Saturday and I never got around to writing the lists. Also I discovered that I like to post my pre-written book reviews on Saturday. Two posts in one day just doesn't make a lot of since. I'll try Sundays and see what happens.

Well that's it. Hugs and keep it shiny!

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