Aug 12, 2010

About Books Blog 25: Daddy's Little Girl


Author: Mary Higgins Clark
Genre: Suspense, Mystery, Psychological Thriller

Favorite Line

“Over the years I came to understand that when grief is not shared, blame is passed around like a hot potato instead, thrust from one to the other, eventually sticking to the hands of the one least able to throw it away. In this case, that person was me.”


The summary is from the back of the book, because apparently I have given up on writing my own summaries. Ha ha.

Ellie Cavanaugh was only seven years old when her fifteen-year-old sister, Andrea, was murdered near their home in Oldham-on-the-Hudson, a rural village in New York's Westchester County. There were three suspects: Rob Westerfield, nineteen-year-old scion of a wealthy, prominent family, whom Andrea has been secretly dating; Paul Stroebel, a sixteen-year-old schoolmate, who had a crush on Andrea; and Will Nebels, a local handyman in his forties.

It was Ellie who had led her parents to a hideout in which Andrea's body was found -- a secret hideaway in which she met her friends. And it was Ellie who was blamed by her parents for her sister's death for not telling them about this place the night Andrea was missing. It was also Ellie's testimony that led to the conviction of the man she was firmly convinced was the killer. Steadfastly denying his guilt, he spent the next twenty-two years in prison.

When he comes up for parole, Ellie, now an investigative reporter for an Atlanta newspaper, protests his release. Nonetheless, the convicted killer is set free and returns to Oldham. Determined to thwart his attempts to whitewash his reputation, Ellie also returns to Oldham, intent on creating a Website and writing a book that will conclusively prove his guilt. As she delves deeper into her research, however, she uncovers horrifying and heretofore unknown facts that shed new light on her sister's murder. With each discovery, she comes closer to a confrontation with a desperate killer.

What I Thought of This Book

This was my first Mary Higgins Clark book ever, and I enjoyed it immensely. Daddy’s Little girl was a wonderful ride. It was very easy to read, and had short chapters, which I loved. Even when the plot twists were not happening, it was exciting.

I thought the approach to the story was very cool. You sort of knew who the killer was at the beginning of the book. The excitement comes from Ellie trying to find a way to catch her sister’s killer in his lies, and the danger she is being thrown into because of her attempts. The fun part was when the author fooled you into thinking you were not quite as sure as you thought when it came to the identity of Andrea’s killer. Awesome choice on the part of Mary Higgins Clark. There were rather excellent characterizations as well. I found the lead character Ellie very likable and relatable. I found it easy to understand all her feelings for the people around her.

I’m just going to keep this review short, because I could go on and on about how much I liked this book. However, you really can only say the same thing so many times. I will say that I am definitely sold on Mary Higgins Clark now. I’ll have to read more of her books in the future. On a side note, you probably won’t want to read this book when you’re feeling hungry. I think Ellie eats something in almost every chapter, and everything she eats sounds delicious. I love how the writer could make a lettuce, cheese, and tomato sandwich sound awesome. Ha ha.

Facts I Found Interesting

There’s not an abundance of interesting facts for this one. I will link you to information on the author.

The Movie

This is one of the few Mary Higgins Clark books that has not been adapted into a film. I’m thinking that eventually someone will think about adapting it. Until then we will just keep our fingers crossed. We can only hope that at least someone will make a TV movie.

Music To Read By

Favorite Albums

Daddy’s Little Girl is one of those books you can listen to anything while reading it. I liked listening to playlists created at random by my mp3 player as well as, Combinations by Eisley, Something To Be by Rob Thomas, Remixes by Lady Gaga, Lungs by Florence & The Machine, and Everything In Transit by Jack’s Mannequin. This was a book that I liked to read in the bath. You have to listen to relaxing music in a bath. Hence, I liked One Cell in the Sea and Bomb in a Bird Cage by A Fine Frenzy, and Bare by Annie Lennox. I know I mentioned Annie Lennox in my previous review, think I was just infatuated with that album for a few weeks. What can I say; it is a relaxing non-distracting reading album.

Daddy’s Little Girl Playlist

Daddy’s Little Girl - Al Martino
(Note: I know this song is a little cutesy, but it is quoted a few times in the novel.)
Borrowed Time - A Fine Frenzy
Pavement Cracks - Annie Lennox
Getting Away With Murder - Papa Roach
Taking Control - Eisely
I’m Ready - Jack’s Mannequin
In Between - Linkin’ Park
The Locket - Phillip Glass
Dog Days Are Over - Florence & The Machine
Bold As Love - John Mayer
(Note: This was the last song I listened to while finishing the book. Thus, it is the last song on the playlist.)

Wow! Two reviews in a week. How exciting. I decided to put this together quickly, because trying to fix my music for next weeks dance classes was proving frustrating. Writing this made me feel so much better. See you later loves. Keep it shiny!

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Jazz, yaaay you read a MHC, she is my favourite. Can you believe I haven't watched a movie from her books, I need to fix that.

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