Oct 28, 2010

Thursday Night Thoughts (2)

Hello guys and girls. Time for Thursday's Thoughts. Yay! I love doing this blog post.

Topic 1: Book Review Blues

I'm getting so annoyed with myself for not getting my Vampire Diaries: The Awakening book review out. I think I have writers block. Which is stupid because I know exactly what to say. It's just a matter of finding the words and typing them. I am also unsatisfied with my book playlist. It's close to being alright, but I feel like it needs a great first and last song. Any ideas?

Topic 2: Students Borrowing Books

My mom told me that my student nearly thirteen year old, Deidra asked to borrow Daddy's Little Girl from our studio book shelf. This cool because I reviewed the book not long ago. I hope she enjoys it.

Topic 3: Bundle of Joy

My fellow dance teacher, Amber, just had her brand new baby last week. I went to see them both in the hospital last Friday. The baby's name is Elizabeth Rose. I think it sounds like a writers name. Here's my favorite picture of her. I love how they put the little ribbon in her hair. She so pretty.


Here's a picture of Elizabeth older sister Isabella. I want to nickname them Izzy and Lizzy. Ha ha! Hey, just noticed they have famous book character names. I just realized that their name meaning are that same. Both mean devoted to God. Shiny!


Topic 4: Music Makes The World Go 'Round


I downloaded the Marie Antoinette Soundtrack onto my phone yesterday. I've been meaning to get it for a really long time. I think it will make a great album to read books to. It's great music but not distracting.

Yesterday I got something neat from the Avon magazine. I am obsessed with Avon by the way. Any how, it is a cute little teddy bear that you can plug your mp3 player into and it plays music through the speakers in it's feet. Neat right? It's extra shiny since I collect teddy bears. Here a picture of him hugging my Creative Zen.


Topic 5: My Dog Zeeburt

Last week I meant to post some pictures of my dog Zeebure (Zee for short). I totally got involved with the show pictures last week and forgot, so here he is. He such a sweetie.




That's all my lovelies. Keep it shiny!

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