Nov 10, 2010

Short Story of the Week # 16: Princess Dragonblood

Story Title: Princess Dragonblood
From: Half Human
Author: Jude Mandell


Aging Queen makes a deal with a witch to conceive a child. The child just so happens to be half dragon.

Favorite Line

"You must learn to love everything you are. Then you can choose what you want to be"

My Thoughts

Sorry guys. I meant to post this earlier but I've been sick. Meaning I've been taking every moment I can get to get some extra rest. Thus, I've only been writing on my daily song blog. I'm feeling better today. Yay! Now on to my thoughts on the story.

I felt like reading something with a fairytale element today. I read the first page of this and was totally hooked. It was was a bit of an adventure story along with the fantasy elements. I loved the main character Eleanor (aka dragon princess). She was so strong spirited. There was a really lovely theme of balancing all the different parts of ones self to become the person that you want to be expressed in this story. Oh yes, and the ending was just down right adorable.

See you tomorrow for Thursday Thoughts. I'll try not to flake out on Follow Friday this week like I did last week. If it helps it was for a rather amusing reason. I got so involved with reading my book I totally forgot about it. Haha. Keep it shiny loves.

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