Nov 11, 2010

Thursday Night Thoughts (4)

Hey guys and girls. I'm back again. I don't have a ton of topics today, but they are all book related.

Topic 1: Read and Review

Lately a number of authors and publishers have been kind enough to send me books to review. It's kind of shiny. It's also so amusing since you poor people are still waiting on my upcoming review since my sickness delayed me. I hope you guys still love me. I'll give you a run down/list of the books that have been offered to me.

Scott Nicholson who held the Kindle Giveaway Tour last month keeps graciously giving me books. He sent me Disintegration and As I Die Lying. He also said he will send me his upcoming paranormal romance Cursed in a couple weeks. Oh, by the way, since Disintegration hit the top 100 in the Kindle store he is giving away a bonus kindle to one of the people that commented during the blog tour.

C.J West sent me a copy of his novel The End Of Marking Time. He was kind enough to mail the actual printed book to me.

Author David H. Burton sent me a couple of books, Scourge and The Second Coming.

Ollie Wright from Red Telephone Books sent me Calling All Angels by Alex Smith. I requested this one despite my growing TBR list. The fact that it's a young adult novel written by an actual young adult intrigued me.

Last but not least I will be participating in a blog tour revolving around a book called Blue by Lou Aronica. Tracee Gleichner who is organizing the tour should send me the book soon.

In a nutshell I'm not at a loss for books. I'm hoping to read them in a timely fashion.

Topic 2: The Awesomeness of Ereader Apps.

This week I acquired a few ereader apps. on my cell phone, Kindle, Nook, and Aldiko. You're probably wondering why I didn't just buy an ereader. Well the first reason is because it gives me one less thing to carry around. I've packed a lot of stuff in my dance bag, including several short story books and the paperback copy of Valley of the Dolls. I also carry my little notebook laptop. Why carry another thing? The second reason I didn't get and ereader is that if I use my phone I can shop for books from all the main ebook stores. I can check which one has the best price on the books I want. Aldiko has a lot of cool books for free as well. It's so crazy I downloaded a bunch of free books to my Aldiko library last night. It was just so fun. I even got a collection of Grimm's Fairy Tales and the Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Anderson. Yay!

I guess the only thing is that an ereader wouldn't have a glare, and some have the e-ink feature that is easier on the eyes. Oh well, I can adjust the brightness, font size, and background color on my readers so it doesn't effect my eyes too much so far.

That's all my thoughts for tonight. I know there are usually a lot more, but this week just was filled with very much excitement. See you soon. Keep it shiny loves!

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