Nov 4, 2010

Thursday Night Thoughts (3)

Hello again. Time for Thursday's thoughts. Man this week went by fast. I can't believe it's almost finished already.

Topic 1: Grandparents Anniversary

October 31st was my grandparents 64th wedding anniversary. Yep they were married on Halloween. However, I suppose 64 years ago Halloween wasn't the excitement that it is today. At least according to the History of Halloween segment I watched on History Channel. Anyhow, their assisted living facility threw a party for them. It was lovely. I was interesting to meet relatives from my dad's side of the family since I don't see them as often as my mom's. Here are some pictures.

The Grandparents in their youth, weren't they adorable?


Them cutting the cake. It was a beautiful fall cake. The flowers were lovely too.


My Grandparents and my Dad. Yay for family!


Topic 2: The Hub

I'm obsessed with this channel that I've dicovered on my TV called The Hub. In the daytime they show these cute relaxing little kid shows, and a night they shows all the show I loved as a kid. You know Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, Family Ties, Wonder Years, etc. They even have the cheesy Batman TV show. I used to run home from school to watch that. Ha ha. The only down side is that I'm always either asleep or at work when Fraggle Rock comes on. I love Fraggle Rock. I guess I could DVR it.

Topic 3: Reading Time

This week I didn't have to go into work until later in the day. The benifit of this, other than getting to sleep in, is that I actually got to sit an read for a couple hours at a time this week. Yes! I really needed to get going on my books for review. I also got to work on my upcoming book review. I hope to get that out by this weekend. The writers block is almost gone. I'm going to have to find a better summery for the book though. The ones I've found so far are just too cheesy.

Well that's it loves. Maybe see you tomorrow on Follow Friday.

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Cindi said...

YOur family looks wonderful. Happy you had such a great time.